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Inside Meteor, I wish to change the order of a collection that is rendered inside a loop dynamically:



        sortArr = [];
    var timePeriod = Session.get("period");
    var currentPage = Session.get("current_page");
        sortArr[currentPage+'.'+timePeriod] = "asc";
        return EmployeeCollection.find({}, sortArr).fetch();


{{#each employee}}

I want it so that when the session variable for period and current_page change, so does the sort order in the helper - the session variables do get updated, but the template isn't rerendered into a sort.

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In meteor the database is (at the moment) based off mongodb. Ascending is 1 and Descending is -1. Your final array must be something like:

return EmployeeCollection.find({}, {sort : {number: -1, size: 1} })

Should get you the following order (each line is a document) with a number and size field.

{ number : 5, size: 1, _id: ...}
{ number : 4, size: 2, _id: ...}
{ number : 3, size: 3, _id: ...}

More details on how to order with mongodb at :

On another note you dont have to use fetch() when returning a cursor to a template helper. Meteor will automatically parse through it without having to go through it as an array (with fetch)

You can build the sort query using Session as you are as long as you follow this structure. As soon as you change the Session hash the order will be automatically changed and re-rendered.

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