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I know I can change PowerShell console colors by setting in my profile something like:

$Host.UI.RawUI.BackgroundColor = "White"

However in the Powershell Console one can go to the Color tab in Properties and modify the RGB values of the standard 16 ANSI colors manually. Is it possible to do set either hex or RGB values of the standard colors from the profile script? For instance setting I would like to have:

$Host.UI.RawUI.BackgroundColor = "#242424"  # Gray
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You can, but not via the $Host object. The color table is stored in the registry. Here is an example of a configuration of the default PowerShell.exe to match "blue" config:

Set-ConsoleProperties.ps by Lee Holmes.

You would use the same names, but the colors would be different. That's why the default PowerShell console is blue/gray.

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I doubt that's possible. The $Host.UI.RawUI.BackgroundColour is a System.ConsoleColor enumerator, thus there's only a finite set of colours that you could select. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-GB/library/system.consolecolor.aspx

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The correct way to do this is with the Registry

cd hkcu:/console
$0 = '%systemroot%_system32_windowspowershell_v1.0_powershell.exe'
ni $0 -f
sp $0 ColorTable00 0x00562401
sp $0 ColorTable07 0x00f0edee

With the color being



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As far as I know, you can't. The console API doesn't support custom color. If you do this:

$x = (Get-Host).UI.RawUI
$x | gm

you'll see that BackgroundColor is of type System.ConsoleColor.

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