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I'm just starting to get into Django, and of course as of last night one of the two new Python versions went final (2.6 obviously ;)) so I'm wondering if 2.6 plus Django is ready for actual use or do the Django team need more time to finish with tweaks/cleanup?

All the google searches I did were inconclusive, I saw bits about some initial test runs on beta 2 but nothing more recent seemed to show up.


They've confirmed here 1.0 w/2.6 works fine as far as they know.

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The impression I get is that 2.6 should work fine with Django 1.0. As found here:

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Note that there is currently no python-mysql adapter for python2.6. If you need MySQL, stick with 2.5 for now.

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Great tidbit, thanks! upvoted – Runevault Nov 11 '08 at 7:50

There is an unofficial build for mysqldb 1.2.2 win32 python 2.6 @

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