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I am very new to batch scripting. I don't have much knowledge about Batch Scripting.

My doubt is how to copy only some line from text file to other text file.

Say my File.txt is

This is sample file.
I want copy this line.
Also this line.
But not this line.

I want to copy line 2 and 3, but not using their line number, because may change.

This muchI have done till now:

SET InFile=abc.txt
SET OutFile=Output.txt
IF EXIST "%OutFile%" DEL "%OutFile%"
SET TempFile=Temp.txt
IF EXIST "%TempFile%" DEL "%TempFile%"

IF EXIST "%OutFile%" DEL "%OutFile%"

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A IN ('FINDSTR "I want" "%InFile%"') DO (
    ECHO.%%A> "%TempFile%"
REM CALL :RemovePrecedingWordA "%%A"
FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A IN ('FINDSTR " Also this" "%InFile%"') DO (
    ECHO.%%A> "%TempFile%"
REM CALL :RemovePrecedingWordA "%%A"

But its not working. Please help.

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You could use the /g: option to findstr, basically do

findstr /g:pattern.txt %InFile% > %OutFile%

where pattern.txt is (in your example)

I want
Also this

This assumes you can write findstr regular expressions for all the lines you want to copy.

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