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I have been experimenting with both ELMAH and the EL 5.0. I may go to ELMAH as it is a bit easier to deal with for an internal-only project, but this has been bothering me. I tried setting up the EL 5.0 Exception Handling block in conjunction with the logging block, but was unable to configure a Logging Handler.

From what I understand I should see a Wrap, Replace, Custom and Logging handler. The Logging portion however is missing. Any tips on getting it working would be great. Thanks!

enter image description here

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It looks like the config tool is not finding the Logging Handler dll. Download it from NuGet and place it where the rest of EntLib dll's are.

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Thanks! I ended up just going with Elmah instead for my logging. Im liking that there is less configuration needed. – appsecguy May 7 '13 at 14:11

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