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I am new to yelp API. I am using version2. I did sign up for API access and got, Consumer Key,Consumer secret, token, token_secret, then I used to the following link

to get the data but then I get a series of MISSING_PARAMETER errors. For signature_method I used HMAC-SHA1 but for the rest (oauth_signature, oauth_nonce, oauth_timestamp) I iddn't know what to put, so i used an empty field but then I got "INVALID CREDENTIAL" error. How do I get these missing fields? They are not in my API access page.

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First of all you can't publish your keys like that, you need to run a script to "encrypt" them and once you "send" those keys you handshake with yelp and than make a query for the search you are trying to get results for.

Basically you need a script in your preferred language (PHP for example) to make the query. a good start might be https://github.com/Yelp/yelp-api/tree/master/v2

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