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[NOTE: contains repetition of previous question but posted separately as separate issues]

I am compiling a program which is known to compile with ifort using gfortran. However the compiler fails on the line


with the compile error:

make: *** [main_file.o] Error 1

Changing this line to (note D0)


solves the problem

The compiler flags are:

gfortran -fno-automatic -mcmodel=medium -O2 -ffast-math  main_file.o -o main_file 

Even an explanation for this behaviour would be appreciated.



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The cause of the compilation error is likely to be a mismatch between the type+kind of 1.0 and XX(4), the Fortran standard requires that the arguments to SIGN match in both kind and type. Since you haven't shown us the declaration of the array XX I feel confident in asserting that it is probably declared to be real with kind=kind(1.0d0).

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Hi again! Thank you, this appears to be correct. The declaration of XX(4) states: DOUBLE PRECISION XX(6) –  dmon Apr 29 '13 at 14:57

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