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I am raising some application errors from PL/SQL procedures. I am setting some messages for instance,

RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR(-20001, 'message');

Is there any way, I can display 'message' in exception section in catch block of java program from which I called this procedure?

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If you're doing catch (Exception e), message should be available from e.getMessage().

If you're doing catch (SQLException e) (or whatever the exception type is for your data access package) message should still be available from e.getMessage(). Additionally, the -20001 should come through in e.getErrorCode(). Note that it may come through as the absolute value (20001 as opposed to -20001); you'll have to experiment.

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I think this post will help you out: Error catching

catch (GenericJdbcException ge) {

IF (se.getErrorCode() == -20001)

If your not using Hibernate you might need to change the error type.

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