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Thanks in advance,

I am trying to iterate over a datagrid in Silverlight 3.

I need to walk thru all items, or just the selected items and pull some of the column data so I can do an updates in my database.

So in a button click event I have been trying foreach loops but can't find the right combination.

Thanks, Rich

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What are you using now - the Items or the ItemsSource? Care to share an example of what your current combination is that is an issue? –  Jeff Wilcox Oct 27 '09 at 1:35

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I think I got it:

            foreach (var Item in gridExcludedPOGSList.SelectedItems)

                ExcludePOGSList pogList = (ExcludePOGSList)Item;
                accountNumber = pogList.AccountNumber.ToString();
                key_Id = pogList.Key_Id.ToString();


Hope it helps someone else.


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