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I have .jsp page: index.jsp, that has form with link:

<form name="firstForm" method="get" action="list.form">

         <a href = "removeFromStorage?id=<%=index %>">Remove from storage</a>


and I have my controller:


@RequestMapping(value = "/removeFromStorage")

public class MyController {

@RequestMapping(value = "/removeFromStorage", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String test(@RequestParam("name") String name, ModelMap model){

    //must get index of order, that must delete
    //int index_remove = new Integer(req.getParameter("index"));

    return "index";//request.getRequestDispatcher("hello.jsp").forward(req,res);


How can I map controller (MyController) to url (removeFromStorage)?

What have I write in annotation of MyController to process url=removeFromStorage from .jsp-page?

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1 Answer

The Controller mapping you have

@RequestMapping(value = "/removeFromStorage", method = RequestMethod.GET)value = "/removeFromStorage"

declares handling for a GET http request to the path /removeFromStorage which is relative to the context of the application. To make your anchor <a href> point to removeFromStorage relative to the context path, you can change it to:

<a href = "${pageContext.request.contextPath}/removeFromStorage?id=<%=index %>">Remove from storage</a>
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