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We're looking at upgrading a large-scale project currently implemented using ASP.NET MVC 2 with xVal providing the glue between NHibernate Validator and client-side validation.

When I was looking for resources on using the new "unobtrusive" client side validation used in MVC 3/4 with NHibernate Validator, I was only able to locate a single (and nearly 3 year-old) blog post about this.

Has anyone successfully used NHibernate Validator for client-side validation in MVC 3/4? If so, what has your experience been?

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Although I don't have any experience directly with NHibernate, FluentValidation (a validation framework worth considering itself) has an MVC 3/4 adapter extension project which would serve as an excellent guide to creating an NHibernate Validator implementation.

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So, i've never used NHibernate Validator, but consider to, because NHibernate Validator has a better perfomance than native MVC unobtrusive validator(MVC validator is totaly based on reflection, in case of NHibernate Validator reflection work happens at startup only). In case of a large-scale project, i think it is better way.

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