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For some reason the Wordpress theme I'm working on has just stopped loading the contents of the head section... so when I inspect this in Safari/Chrome/Firefox it's just <head></head>

This is a Compass/SASS project that I'm working on using MAMP.

It's seems that this issue only comes up when using MAMP/working locally. When I upload the Wordpress theme to a live server it all works fine.

Just looking through similar questions, I've checked that Sublime Text 2 is saving my files as UTF-8 without BOM, and my Doctype looks correct - so I'm really not sure what's going wrong when working locally.

Any help/clues would be great! Many thanks

*Edit: Also worthing mentioning that previous Wordpress themes I've build are working fine, but all versions of the current Wordpress Theme I'm working on don't work. Quite confusing!

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What errors/warnings/notices do you find in the PHP log? – George Cummins Apr 29 '13 at 15:18
There aren't any recent errors on my PHP log, the last error was a few days before this issue came up. – user1923773 Apr 29 '13 at 15:29

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