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I am trying to test the Quickbooks online api using the credentials Intuit provides in my developer center. The api sandbox will not authenticate me. http://apiexplorer.developer.intuit.com/V3QBO#api

What is missing to connect the api explorer to my Quickbooks online database?

The error message after clicking "Connect to QuickBooks":

Oops! An error has occurred. Please close this window and try again.

Error Code: invalid_database Message: AppId cannot be <= 0, appId=-1

Authentication login frame:

enter image description here

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Unless you have signed up for the v3 beta program and been accepted you cannot use v3 of the Quickbooks API.

v2 Will work fine for you http://apiexplorer.developer.intuit.com/V2QBO

You can see a short video here on how to set up and use the API Explorer. http://ippblog.intuit.com/blog/2013/01/new-ipp-developer-tool-api-explorer.html


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Jarred, thanks for the note on v3 and your video which explained everything I needed to do. My mistake was selecting "Customer Account Data" instead of "Intuit Anywhere" when creating my app. For anyone else looking for answers view the video youtu.be/8cugeQUbFhM and fast forward to the 2:15 mark. –  Dylan Valade May 1 '13 at 13:36

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