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The variable in awk does not return the result.

I am trying to get the next line of the matched value from file by using awk. It works fine without the variable. Thanks.

$ cat file
$ awk '/name/{getline; print}' file
snm=sahh   ---------> Got the result
$ export MYVAR=name
$ echo $MYVAR
$  awk -v AVAR=${MYVAR} '/AVAR/{getline; print}' file
$   ---------> No result
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You need to use the regexp match operator ~ against the whole line $0 as /AVAR/ is match for the string AVAR not the variable AVAR:

$ awk -v AVAR=${MYVAR} '$0~AVAR{getline; print}' file
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Thanks a lot for the solution. It works. – Sourcecode Apr 29 '13 at 18:57

Using AWK variables to pass parameters is almost always cleaner as to intent; however, in this specific case, the resulting script is a bit more complex than it needs to be -- and breaking the rules a bit may actually be easier to understand and communicate to others.

With use of double-quotes to escape the script there is no need to use an additional AWK variable. That, and if we place the shell variable within /'s there is no need for the {}:

$ awk "/$MYVAR/ {getline; print}" file
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