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I've downloaded PhoneGap and tried it. It works well with some html pages + js script. However, I have an issue while trying to access to my "full" application, with all the javascript and html pages...

The error is the following :

The connection to the server was unsuccessful. 
 } catch(e) { 
 console.log('exception firing destroy event from native'); 

Any idea why it's happening?

Thanks for your time.

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Think you have a similar issue to this question: Phonegap cordova 2.7.0 error when pausing app

I had the same problem, and like they suggested, switching back to version 2.4 fixed it.

I think I've found the change that was included in 2.5, which caused the problem. I've added a comment at the affected line here:


Hopefully someone who works on Cordova will get it fixed soon.

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Kudos to you for taking the time to find, fix and submit the fix. Hope they incorporate your fix soon. In the meantime, I'm gonna try using 2.4 –  the_new_mr Sep 11 '13 at 10:05

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