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I would like to reopen this question since I am having the same problem:

Use Calendar within emulator Adroid 4.0 +

Namely, I see a Calendar application on virtual devices running android 4.0 or later (there is no calendar application on android 3.2 even though my physical gingerbread phone has once such an app, which I find strange). However I am not able to synchronize the data on the android 4.0 or later emulator with my google account's calendar data. Here are the details:

I had created an Android 4.2.2 emulator and launched the calendar application from within such an emulator. I want to sync my google account with the calendar application. So I hit menu -> Settings -> ADD ACCOUNT. Nothing happens. So I tried to hit menu -> Calendars to display -> Calendars to sync, but the list is empty and hitting menu does not bring up a menu.

I suspected the problem was I needed google apis to work. So I created a new 4.2.2 virtual device with google apis. When I launched such emulator and then the calendar application I got a screen saying "Make it Google", "Do you want to add an existing account or create a new one?". Click on Existing. I entered my sign in details. I click on the popup asking me to agree to google terms of service, and I accepted. It then says "Signing in..." "This can take a few minutes." The Backup and Restore screen shows up and I click forward and proceed. However I do not see the contents of my google calendar's account on the android calendar.

When I launch the calendar application again it asks me once again to "Make it Google" and enter my account information. If I enter the old information it complains telling me I have already specified such an account. However my google account's data does not show up in android calendar.

I cannot understand why or what I am doing wrong.

(Alas I do not have a 4.0+ phone to test with so I am stuck having to get the emulator to work).

Thanks for your feedback,

Jason Posit

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possible duplicate of How to use and test the Android 4.0 Calendar API in the emulator? – Artjom B. Jun 16 '15 at 18:27

I know this is older, but I did find a solution. I was never able to get a Google account to work since Google blocks active sync on free accounts.

The solution for me was to signup for a free account and use's active sync settings.

The steps I followed are from my blog and are as follows:

  • Sign out for free account at
  • Select a Corporate Account
  • Enter username such as
  • Select Manual Setup
  • Select account type of “Exchange” (This will allow us to sync with active sync)
  • Enter Server as
  • Security type as SSL/TLS
  • Select next
  • Confirm settings.
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