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I am running an application in HAX mode and see this message

HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode

So I assume my setup is correct, now the app requires a location service and I set it using telnet and also from DDMS but the app does not get location.

If I run the emulator with out the HAX mode app finds the location though. Is there a limitation for HAX mode wrt to location services?

The message I see in logcat is this

Location providers took too long to update, requesting last known location native_start failed in startNavigating()

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I was able to get HAX emulator working with App, I don't know what made it work but the RRR(restart, refresh, reboot) did the trick :| I suspect it was some stale state because when I enabled location service for in browser it also hung. I did a wipe data and only then all the location services seemed to kick in.

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