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I have two Ember apps whose functionality partially overlaps, so I want to extract the common parts into a separate module of sorts. This extracted module contains routes, controllers, views, etc... - all of them defined in their own namespace, let's say Shared:

Shared = Ember.Namespace.create();

Shared.FooRoute = Ember.Route.extend({ /*...*/ })
Shared.FooController = Ember.Controller.extend({ /*...*/ })

// ...

My question is, how do I tell Ember to look the routes (controller, views, ...) up in the Shared namespace in addition to the default App namespace? {
  this.route("foo"); // <-- how to tell it I want Shared.FooRoute, 
                     //     not App.FooRoute?

Also, I don't want to "mount" the shared routes under any route prefix. I don't want the Shared.FooRoute to have path shared/foo, but only foo.

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I figured it out myself. One can affect the way Ember resolves the routes (and other objects) by providing a customized resolver. This is what I did:

App = Ember.Application.create({
  resolver: Ember.DefaultResolver.extend({
    resolveOther: function(parsedName) {
      // try default resolution...
      var result = this._super(parsedName);

      if (result) {
        return result;
      } else if (parsedName.root != Shared) {
        // if it fails, look in the Shared namespace
        parsedName.root = Shared;
        return this.resolveOther(parsedName);
      } else {
        return null;
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