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When there are some LoopingCall task defined in loop, twisted messes callbacks and always executes last one defined

sample code:

from twisted.internet import reactor, task
from pprint import pprint

for s in [1,2]:
  task.LoopingCall(lambda: pprint(s)).start(1)

response: 1 2 2 2 2 2

code without loop that works:

from twisted.internet import reactor, task
from pprint import pprint

task.LoopingCall(lambda: pprint(1)).start(1)
task.LoopingCall(lambda: pprint(2)).start(1)

correct response: 1 2 1 2 1 2

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This is a result of how scopes work in Python.

Forget about Twisted for a moment and just consider this example:

x = 1
f1 = lambda: x
x = 2
f2 = lambda: x
print f1()
print f2()

You might expect the result to be:


However, instead, it is:


The f1 and f2 functions both "close over" the same variable: x. The variable can only refer to one object at a time, and after x = 2, it refers to 2 - not 1.

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