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This is how part of my Mule 3.3.0 flow is:

<flow name="soapService">
        <http:inbound-endpoint address="${my.service.address}" exchange-pattern="request-response">
            <cxf:proxy-service wsdlLocation="classpath:order.wsdl" namespace="http://abc.com/services/order" service="OrderService"


No matter, whatever I specify in my order.wsdl <soap:address location="http://server.com/order">, this is being overwritten by ${my.service.address} value specified in <http://inbound-endpoint address="${my.service.address}">

If I check in my wsdl in classes folder, it has the correct value in location attribute of <soap:address> element but when try to see the wsdl from browser, value is replaced with address of <http:inbound-endpoint>

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This is a feature not a bug :)

Because your are using a CXF proxy you want the SOAP address to be rewritten to the inbound HTTP endpoint address so that clients consuming the WSDL exposed by Mule will send SOAP requests through the proxy and not directly to whatever SOAP address was initially in the WSDL.

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So many undocumented Features of CXF proxy :). Thanks for your insight David –  Learner Apr 29 '13 at 17:32
Hi @david, further on this similar setup, if there are requests via https, coming through a load-balancer which off loads the ssl, we found the returned wsdl has its service address in http protocol, how should we do to modify this value back to https? we are using cxf:proxy and http-inbound-endpoint –  James Jiang Mar 3 at 2:38
Hey @JamesJiang - You should ask this as a new question, to have more eyes on it and have a better chance to be answered. In this new question, don't forget to specify if the load-balancer adds a X-Forwarded-Proto header (or equivalent) to the requests it dispatches. –  David Dossot Mar 3 at 18:30
Thanks @DavidDossot, I have posted a question here stackoverflow.com/questions/28823230/… –  James Jiang Mar 3 at 22:41

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