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I'm trying to copy two files to the bin directory to a Windows Azure Cloud Services deployement, I added the below Post-Build event script to the MVCWebRoleCore project properties:

copy /Y "$(ProjectDir)lib\SqlServerSpatial.dll" "$(TargetDir)SqlServerSpatial.dll"
copy /Y "$(ProjectDir)lib\SqlServerSpatial110.dll" "$(TargetDir)SqlServerSpatial110.dll"

Everything looks good locally and the two files are copied, but on Windows Azure the files are not there in the bin directory, (I checked the cloud deployment using RDC to make sure), What am I doing wrong?

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When you deploy, it doesn't care what files are in your BIN folder. It cares about what files your CSPROJ project file specifies as part of the project deployment. If these are dependencies in your References list, just make sure Copy Local is set to True and they'll be deployed.

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i have also put the dll files under the root folder and that was it –  Yehia A.Salam May 30 '13 at 11:37
Excepting of course if they're in the GAC on your build machine, in which case Copy Local is ignored. –  Oliver Bock Nov 16 '14 at 0:26

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