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running linux mint 13

idle-python3.2 did work from the terminal before, now it does not. Calling idle-python3.2 from the terminal throws the error below BUT I can run Idle by double clicking on the script!

Here's the very simple script that broke it all(?) http://pastebin.com/pP9An3UU FWIW, the script does not appear to work either (nothing happens when I run it).

Here's the error in the terminal when trying to run Idle3.2 from the terminal:

File "tkinter.py", line 2, in <module>
    tk = Tk()
NameError: name 'Tk' is not defined

here's the full error http://pastebin.com/J5AfAQyV

I know tkinter is not installed by default... but it IS installed

python3-tk is already the newest version.
python3-tk set to manually installed.

I've checked the system monitor and killed all obvious python instances running in the background.

But, still no joy.

Here's a video of the error: http://youtu.be/oCLOJR2rktI

Your help for a fix is appreciated.

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It sounds like you either a) named your little test program "tkinter.py", or b) you have another file in the same directory named "tkinter.py". If that is the case, when you do from tkinter import *, you are not importing the real tkinter but rather importing the local file.

If you named your file "tkinter.py", rename it. Also, if there is a file named "tkinter.pyc", remove it.

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Thank you! My little test program appears to be the source of the problem! It was named "tkinter.py". A real n00b error! –  pleabargain Apr 30 '13 at 7:31
Thanks a lot! zzz –  Liker777 Jul 13 at 12:16

From your error message:

  File "tkinter.py", line 2, in <module>
    tk = Tk()
NameError: name 'Tk' is not defined

That makes it look like you have a file called tkinter.py, and that's the one that it's trying to (circularly) import from, not the "real" tkinter.

Rename your program to something that doesn't shadow the tkinter module, and delete any tkinter.pyc or tkinter.pyo files you may have lurking around, just in case.

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Many thanks! You nailed it. –  pleabargain Apr 30 '13 at 7:31

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