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Parse (recently purchased by Facebook) is marketed as a BaaS, but the tech stack seems similar to a PaaS such as Heroku, and they tout their Javascript SDK for web apps.

Unlike Heroku, Parse has a very big free tier and it also manages the integrated MongoDB (whereas Heroku offers paid managed MongoDB add-ons from MongoLabs and MongoHQ).

Don't those two cost savings make Parse an attractive candidate for use as a PaaS for a web app? Or am I missing some important technical distinction between the two? It seems that the distinction between BaaS and PaaS is more marketing related than technology related.

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dhruv chopra, doesn't Parse's Cloud Code negate what you are saying?

"Parse's vision is to let developers build any mobile app without dealing with servers. For complex apps, sometimes you just need a bit of logic that isn't running on a mobile device. Cloud Code makes this possible. Cloud Code is easy to use because it's built on the same JavaScript SDK that powers thousands of apps. The only difference is that this code runs in the Parse Cloud rather than running on a mobile device"

(of course substitute mobile device for web browser in this case)

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