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it's my first post here and my english surely it's not the best, despite this, i'll try to explain it as clear as i can.

I'm doing an horitzontal-scrolling site like this one http://s3.sitepoint.com/examples/sidescroll/demo4.html.

My problem comes when i put a min-width on the header and footer elements. My overflow-x obviously it's hidden, and if i don't min-width, on lower resolutions my site goes wild.. and if i do they cannot see the whole header and footer.

My question is, if it's possible to do overlow-x:scroll or something like, but only for a specific width (the header min-width) so they will be able to see the whole header with the scroll bar, but they will not be able to go next page of the scrolling site.

Thank you in advance.

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