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I am using MVC + EF

I have a Feed xml file url that gets updated every 7 minute with items, every time a new item gets added I retrieve all the items to a list variable and then I add these varible to my database table. After that I fill a new list variable which is my ViewModel from the database table. Then I declare the ViewModel inside my view which is a .cshtml file and loop throught all of the objects and display them.

How can I make sure that the newest items get placed on the top and not in the bottom?

This is how I display the items inside my cshtml note that I use a ++number so the newest item needs to be 1 and so on.. :

@model Project.Viewmodel.ItemViewModel
     int number = 0;
 <div id="news-container">
 @foreach (var item in Model.NewsList)
     <div class="grid">
     <div class="number">
                    <p class="number-data">@(++number)</p>
                <p class="news-title">@(item.Title)</p>
                <div class="item-content">            
             <div class="imgholder">
            <img src="@item.Imageurl" />
            <p class="news-description">@(item.Description) <br />@(item.PubDate) | <a href="">Source</a></p>


This is how I fill the viewmodel which I use inside the .cshtml file to iterate throught and display the items

    private void FillProductToModel(ItemViewModel model, News news)
        var productViewModel = new NewsViewModel

            Description = news.Description,
            NewsId = news.Id,
            Title = news.Title,
            link = news.Link,
            Imageurl = news.Image,
            PubDate = news.Date,

Sorry for the paint lol :P

Sorry for the paint lol :P

Any kind of help is appreciated

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@foreach (var item in Model.NewsList.OrderByDescending(n => n.PubDate)
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Worked pretty well! thanks –  Obsivus Apr 29 '13 at 19:06

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