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my purpose is to select chat from tables by RoomId,ChatDate and ChatTime then arrange the result by date and time

what should i add to this query to sort the result by ChatDate and ChatTime ?!

that's what i wrote til now :

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[Get_ChatByHour]
    @BeginHour Time(7),
    @EnDHour Time(7), @RoomId int,@ChatDate date


    -- Insert statements for procedure here
    SELECT * 
    FROM Chat 
    WHERE Chat.RoomId=@RoomId 
      and Chat.ChatDate=@ChatDate 
      and  Chat.ChatTime BETWEEN @BeginHour and @EnDHour 
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add an order by clause

--at the end of the query

order by ChatDate, ChatTime 
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thanks it worked –  Mostafa Sarsour Apr 29 '13 at 19:01

Just add an order by:

ORDER BY ChatDate, ChatTime 

You can see the documentation for it here.

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You should add an ORDER BY clause at the end.

SELECT ____QUERY______   ORDER BY ChatDate asc, ChatTime asc

You can change asc to desc for descending order.

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You just need to add an ORDER BY clause

SELECT * FROM Chat WHERE Chat.RoomId=@RoomId and Chat.ChatDate=@ChatDate and   

Chat.ChatTime BETWEEN @BeginHour and @EnDHour

ORDER BY ChatDate, ChatTime

and/or DESC depending on what order you need them in

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