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I've just published my first chrome extension to the webstore. However I see that the image shown next to the extension in the search results is just a small low quality version of the 128x128 icon that I uploaded when publishing. Notice how the second extension has a nice high quality image shown:

search results screenshot

Here is a list of images that I can supply:

Of these, which is the one that displays in the search results shown in the screenshot above?

I should add, that I published the extension only 2 days ago and while I only uploaded the smallest promotional image, it appears that it has been reviewed and approved as there is no message saying Pending or Rejected on the extension's settings:

promotional images screenshot

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The image in the search results is a shrunk version of the 440x280 promo image.

Since your search result is still showing your icon, padded, I think that your images have not been approved yet. Contrary to what the documentation says, you won't be able to see the review status of your image.

It can take anywhere between a few days and a couple of weeks before the promo image is approved.

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It has nothing to do with pending status or not. Even my webapp has this tiny image instead of a proper tile sized image. don't know why. – Sujay Phadke Jan 18 at 7:58
any update? I uploaded an extension 2 days ago and still the small icon is shown – DjangoPy Apr 10 at 6:43

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