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I'm following the example in Scikit learn docs where CountVectorizer is used on some dataset.

Question: count_vect.vocabulary_.viewitems() lists all the terms and their frequencies. How do you sort them by the number of occurances?

sorted( count_vect.vocabulary_.viewitems() ) does not seem to work.

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vocabulary_.viewitems() does not in fact list the terms and their frequencies, instead its a mapping from terms to their indexes. The frequencies (per document) are returned by the fit_transform method, which returns a sparse (coo) matrix, where the rows are documents and columns the words (with column indexes mapped to words via vocabulary_). You can get the total frequencies for example by

matrix = count_vect.fit_transform(doc_list)
freqs = [(word, matrix.getcol(idx).sum()) for word, idx in count_vect.vocabulary_.items()]
#sort from largest to smallest
print sorted (freqs, key = lambda x: -x[1])
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