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I have a singleton EJB whose business methods are all @Lock(READ). However, on special ocassions, some of them call a private method that persists stuff on a database. What's the best way to handle this situation? Should I:

  • Use @Lock(WRITE) for that private method even though it's not a business method? If so, is this a reliable behaviour?
  • Do the synchronization on the private method myself? If so, is it safe to synchronize over the EntityManager?
  • Do something completely different?
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This only partially answers your question, but here goes.

You could put the private methods in a "private" businness interface and call them via the container like this:


public class TestEJB implements PrivateIface, PublicIface {
    SessionContext ctx;

    public void doBusiness() {
        PrivateIface businessObject = ctx.getBusinessObject(PrivateIface.class);
    public void doPrivateBusinness() {


interface PrivateIface {
    void doPrivateBusinness();


public interface PublicIface {
    void doBusiness();
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That does solve the problem and it's quite simple. Thanks. –  synti Sep 7 '13 at 12:38

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