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For my application, I have users who can create team pages and then create team members that is displayed on the team pages. Right now, I render the team members on my team pages fine, with no issues.

My question is how I can render the team members in different layouts? Should I create a file called team_members/_team_memberv2.html.erb with a different layout of the team_member data? If so, how do I call the rendering and setup the controller? Thanks!



def show
    @team_members = @project.team_members.page(params[:page]).per_page(10)


<!-- Show Team -->
<% if @team.team_members.blank? %>     
  <p>No team members have been added to this project.</p>        
<% else %>        
  <%= render @team_members %>
<% end %>


<div class="media">
  <a class="pull-left">
    <img class="media-object" data-src= <%= image_tag team_member.teamuserimage_url(:thumb).to_s %>
  <div class="media-body">
    <h4 class="media-heading"><%= team_member.membername %></h4>
    <%= team_member.content %>
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you can make use of partial.

it would be like

<%= render "team_member" %>

then do your output like normal in the partial.

I'm not sure you have to pass the local variable of @team_member or not.

if so:

<%= render partial: "team_member", locals: { team_member: @team_member } %>

and get your data

<% @team_member = local_assigns[:team_member] %>
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To render in a different layout, I would replace "<%= render @team_members %>" with the following:

<% @team_members.each do |team_member| %>
    <%= team_member.membername %>
<% end %>

From here, I can style it accordingly.

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