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I had a discussion recently with a co-worker, where he insisted that in Domain-Driven Design entities should not have a behavior that does not modify its state. In my experience to date, I never heard about this limitation. Is it a valid DDD rule?

To give some context (simplified scenario) - in our domain we have Computer entity, on which you can start Processes, our integration layer will actually delegate it to a remote physical Computer and start a process there.

So, should StartProcess be a behaviour of a Computer entity? Or should it be included in Domain Service as it does not affect the state of the Computer entity directly? (it modifies the state indirectly as once the process is over, and data is synchronized back to our system).

To me Entity is a natural place for it, as it follows the ubiquitous language, but I am wondering if someone has good reasons against (or other reasons for).

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IMO an entity behavior does not need to modify state, but at the very least should emit an event. In this case, the event would be something like ProcessStarted. CQRS/event-sourcing views aggregates essentially as command handlers - they handle commands and emit events. State is made explicit when required for behavior or when denormalized for query purposes.

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I want just to mention that while a message driven architecture and CQRS fit so well DDD, they aren't required –  MikeSW Apr 30 '13 at 8:42
True, though use of domain events doesn't imply CQRS/ES. I should have been more clear. –  eulerfx Apr 30 '13 at 14:59

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