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I have a new repo and before I perform the first commit I'd like to ignore .DS_Store files.

I've tried adding the following to the .gitignore file via Tower:


But only the .DS_Store file at the root is ignored, all others are included ready for commit.

Is there a trick to getting these files to be ignored?

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Make sure you didn't add to the index those DS_Store first.

If you did, check out "How Can I Remove .DS_Store Files From A Git Repository?", and then check if your .gitignore works.
Use git rm --cached if you want just to remove then from the index while keeping them in the working tree.

Note: only .DS_Store should be enough in your case.

See Objective-C.gitignore from the GitHub Collection of Useful .gitignore Templates.

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Thanks for that, I hadn't added them to the repo because I hadn't done the first commit. IN the end I just gave up and committed them. – CMSCSS Apr 30 '13 at 21:24


try it out :) Hope it help

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