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I'm making a view with a 9 x 9 grid whose cells and layout will never change or scroll. I was thinking of using UICollectionView for this but the more I look into it the more I'm finding that it's geared towards grid views that scroll and may change and reposition. Is this a good assessment? If so, am I better off sticking with my own hand-rolled grid-based view? That would at least enable me to support devices running iOS versions < 6.

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I would prefer UICollectionView for grid based structure even its non scrollable. We should try to use native components and then we should customise them on need base.

  1. Its manageable in future if you start supporting scrolling in future.
  2. You can add functionality like cell deletion, cell addition with more precise APIs provided by Apple.
  3. Views will be reusable.

And suppose you want support iOS < 6.0 , you can use "PSTCollectionView" which is open source library. This library checks iOS version and behaves accordingly.
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If the cells do not need to scroll or change, then simply having a view with 9 subviews would be perfectly acceptable. Collection views are great for when the layout changes, such as on device rotation. If you support multiple orientations, this can still be handled without a collection view.

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