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I am changing left mouse down (drag) to change the image, it works but very slow (refresh). I am using the following to display the image:

 function makeKineticImage() {
                dImage1 = new Kinetic.Image({
                    drawFunc: function(canvas) {
                        var context2 = canvas.getContext("2d");
                        var x = 0;
                        var y = 0;
                        context2.drawImage(dicom1, x, y);
                        imageData = context2.getImageData(x, y, dicom1.width, dicom1.height).data;

Then changing the image using Ajax:

    }).done(function(d) {
dImage1.applyFilter(Kinetic.Filters.Grayscale, null, function() {
image.src = '/Home/changeImage?udm=' + (++udm);

I tried Grayscale filter, the refresh improved but not good enough. Is there a way to lower the resolution (down sampling). I would appreciate your suggestions, thanks in advance.

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can you post more code? like a working jsfiddle? –  SoluableNonagon Apr 30 '13 at 14:56
I can't post the Ajax on jsfiddle because I am using asp.net MVC; thanks. –  hncl Apr 30 '13 at 18:40
I found this alternative approach: stackoverflow.com/questions/8695389/… –  hncl May 1 '13 at 7:00

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