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For i2c communication either pullup resistor or pull down resistor is connected to the i2c bus line.

what is the purpose of these pullup and pulldown resistor and how to decide which resistor need to connect whether pullup or pull down resistor???

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i think you mean Resistor.

the pull down and pull up resistors are used to keep the pin in a stable state when e.g. no signal is on the line.

you can imagine like allways saying 00000 or 11111.

if you dont use pull down/up resistors your input can toggle caused by environmental noise etc.

the resistor has a very high value, so every other signal on the line wont be affected by the resitor

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Mr tecjam, Thanks a lot for your responce. if it is used for stable the output then when we should use pullup and when we should use pulldown resistor??? –  user2282621 Apr 30 '13 at 4:40
it depends on design: e.g. you could define that 1 = HIGH and 0 = LOW (positiv logic). You also can define, that if nothing is send, the line should be 0, so you need a pull-DOWN. i2c uses also positiv logic (1=HIGH, 0=LOW) but let the line HIGH on IDLE. the reason is that in most cases it is easier to have only one V+ connection and let the devices pull-DOWN the line to ground if they want send data so they use pull-UP. –  tecjam Apr 30 '13 at 5:00

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