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I did some experiments, when running server using start command in production mode, if there are new static files generated under the public path, those new static files can not be accessed by clients (404 error). But using run, those static files can be accessed.

So my question is: Is some configuration to enable me to use the production mode while I can access to the newly created static files?

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If you can use a frontend HTTP server that would be best choice.

In such case your files won't be deleted for an example after play clean-all as you can store them outside of the app, also with some attention you can optimize serving these files, add caching headers, use cookie free domain etc. Finally you can add/edit/remove files without redeploying your application.

Everytime, when I'm using frontend server (which means always) I'm moving all public assets from Play's folder to the HTTP controlled domain and believe me it's just comfortable.

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+1 Yeah friend, I'm just aware for front-end HTTP server. I would recommend to use front end server to serve the static file. It is good choice! –  Wayan Wiprayoga Apr 30 '13 at 13:41
@biesior & iwawiwi: Thanks so much for the answers! I thought this question would get nowhere and stopped at looking at the stackoverflow. –  monica Apr 30 '13 at 18:16
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I just tried to place any text file (say dynamic.file.txt) on (this is done using Play 2.1.1)


while the application started using play start command. This is what was happened, I can access newly added file at URL http://yourdomain/assets/dynamic.file.txt.

I think, the framework compile all the content on public directory. And then, when you are on development mode your files is automatically compiled to the target directory. So, when the application is on production mode (using play start command), the newly created file (or the dynamic file one) can be forced to be placed on target/scala-xxx/classes/public/* folder.

You may try it, friend! ;)


To be note here, there is the disadvantage for using this hacky technique. If play clean or play clean-all commands are executed, all files on target/* files and folder would be deleted. So, be aware!

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