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I am running mongodb replica set on 3 nodes , lets their ip's are ,,

now in current replica set is primary and and are secondary , my application connect with for write operations .now after 2 days is down and mongodb select as primary . how my application knows is primary .

is their is any floating ip concept in mongodb so that no manual work needed when primary server switched in a replica set .

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When your client connects to any given member in the replica set ("seed"), it'll query the replica set for the other members in the set. So if you connect to .100, it'll query the set and find that .101 and .102 are valid members of the set, too.

If the driver loses its connection to .100, it'll run through the other seeds that it has discovered and try to find a connection. Once it does, it'll query the replica set, find out who the current master is, and connect to it. This all happens transparently.

You can test this by logging into the master and running the following:


This will cause that machine to step down as the master (and cause a new master to be elected). It will not be eligible for re-election for 60 seconds. You can use this to test the behavior of your app in circumstances where the primary node is changed.

When you're setting up a replica set connection, you will generally specify multiple hosts to connect to. These all serve as seeds for the driver to use to map the replica set, so that you don't have a single point of failure in case you restart your application while the single host you have configured is down. The specifics of this will depend on which driver you're using, though - check your driver's documentation.

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Hi All, How to test this things using mongo command line .As I Want to test this by using mongo command line , is there is any way through which I can Connect replica set using mongo command line . –  Rajnish May 2 '13 at 11:32
If you're using the command line, make sure you connect using a replica set connection, eg. mongo "replSetName/member1:27017,member2:27017,member3:27017". –  slee May 6 '13 at 19:51

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