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I am using the following code for my navigation. My index.php has a PHP MySQL query which displays content encoded in utf8_general_ci, and the apostrophes display correctly. When I use the script below to navigate to another page the apostrophes do not display correctly, they display as the black diamond question mark instead. I have been trying to figure out a solution for hours now with no luck... Thank you for any help!

$(function() {


var newHash      = "",
    $mainContent = $("#main-content"),
    $pageWrap    = $("#page-wrap"),
    baseHeight   = 0,

 baseHeight = $pageWrap.height() - $mainContent.height();

 $("nav").delegate("a", "click", function() {
    _link = $(this).attr("href");
    history.pushState(null, null, _link);
    return false;

function loadContent(href){
            .fadeOut(200, function() {
                $mainContent.hide().load(href + " #guts", function() {
                    $ {



                            height: baseHeight + $mainContent.height() + "px"
                    $("nav a").removeClass("current");
                    $("nav a[href$="+href+"]").addClass("current");

$(window).bind('popstate', function(){
   _link = location.pathname.replace(/^.*[\\\/]/, ''); //get filename only

} // otherwise, history is not supported, so nothing fancy here.

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Do you have a header('Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8'); line in your PHP script? – PleaseStand Apr 30 '13 at 6:11
@PleaseStand I just put that in my code and it actually gives me the same error without executing the above script – Patrick Lawler Apr 30 '13 at 6:22
@PleaseStand putting mysql_query("set names 'utf8'"); in right below my db connect line in PHP at the top of the page, makes index.php load "'"s as " ’ " originally, and then after the nav script is run they load correctly as "'" - per [… – Patrick Lawler Apr 30 '13 at 6:34
in combination with str_replace('â€tm', "'", $dirty_string) the above comment solved the problem... for now – Patrick Lawler Apr 30 '13 at 6:44

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