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A user can't edit/view the records of other users. Edit/View is allowed only to the owner of the record. When the passes id of other user's record, the application allows him to edit it.

I need to verify the ownership before editing or viewing the record.

My question is almost same as this.


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What's different about your question from the one you linked to that makes this question not a duplicate? –  Greg Hewgill Oct 27 '09 at 7:47

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Get the logged-in user -

public static Guid? LoggedInUserGuid()
            var loggedInUser = Membership.GetUser(false);
            if (loggedInUser != null)
                return (Guid)Membership.GetUser(false).ProviderUserKey;

            return null;

If the LoggedInUserGuid is the same as the request record then ... else ....

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I guess then that if you want to ensure that the users only edits rows that they added in a table you would have to include the Guid in the row and verify it with every modification

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