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What is the best way to read the text from an EditText into code, and to write some text from code to the EditText?

Sorry I have ment not the TextView but the EditText

Hi all

I am a new to android I wish to write automatically from code to EditText and read in code from EditText

What is the best way to do it.

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You can edit your question you know. – György Andrasek Oct 27 '09 at 8:03

Java classes usually expose readable attributes with a get* method, and writable attributes with a set* method. In the case of a EditText these are:




see here and here (they are inherited from TextView)

Note: Scroll around a bit. You will see that they are defined multiple time. With different parameters. Pick the one you need.

A simple example. Let's assume you have a TextView with the id myTextField:

EditText myText = (EditText) this.findViewById(;

// Setting the text:
myText.setText( "Hello World!" );

// "Reading" the text (printing it to stdout):
System.out.println( myText.getText() );
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