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I'm stuck with a transformation of the config files in a Silverlight project (i.e. the ServiceReferences.ClientConfig-file). I have followed some sources (for example this source ) on how to manually edit the .csproj-file to add transformation file, but I cannot get it to work on our CI-server.

The changes to the .csproj-file are:

<UsingTask TaskName="TransformXml" AssemblyFile="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath32)\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v10.0\Web\Microsoft.Web.Publishing.Tasks.dll" />
<Target Name="BeforeBuild" Condition="exists('ServiceReferences.$(Configuration).ClientConfig')">
<TransformXml Source="ServiceReferences.ClientConfig" Destination="$(TargetDir)\ServiceReferences.ClientConfig" Transform="ServiceReferences.$(Configuration).ClientConfig" />
  <Content Remove="ServiceReferences.ClientConfig" />
  <ContentWithTargetPath Include="$(TargetDir)\ServiceReferences.ClientConfig">
<Target Name="AfterBuild" />

The transformation of my configuration files works fine if I build my Silverlight project in VS2010 on my local client. I can open the generated XAP-file and look at ServiceReferences.ClientConfig and see that it is transformed. Hence, I rule out the transformation file(s) as the problem.

But when I build my Silverlight project on our CI-server, the ServiceReferences.ClientConfig remains untransformed in the generated XAP-file on the CI-server.

Regarding the Build Definition, I is okay as far as I can see. DeployConfiguration in the Processes section is set to a valid configuration. (If I change the name of the configuration in this entry, to something not valid - the CI-server will complain. Thus it works so far...) Transform Configuration Filesin the same section is set to true.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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I found out the problem myself - the problem is that I'm stupid.

Basically, the name of the Active Solution Configuration in the solution was correct, i.e. ProductionTest. The transform file had the name ServiceReferences.ProductionTest.ClientConfig. So far so good. However, the name of the Project Configuration for the Silverlight project was Release. So TransformXML tried to use the (non existing) transform file ServiceReferences.Release.ClientConfig. Since the existence of the correct configuration file was a condition for BeforeBuild, TransformXML would never execute - nor would I have any error messages.

Changing the Project Configuration to ProductionTest solved everything.

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