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When loading a dgrid from a dojo store, is there a way to specify a column to be sorted by default.

Say I have 2 columns, Name and Email, I want the name column sorted by default when the grid is first loaded. What I want is the equivalent of the user clicking on the 'Name' header (complete with the sort arrow indicating the sort direction).

Thanks, John

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It seems iv'e found the answer to my own question: mytable.set('sort', 'name'); –  JohnB May 8 '13 at 5:13

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You can do something like this :

var mygrid = new OnDemandGrid({
    store : someStore,
    queryOptions: {
        sort: [{ attribute: "name" }]
    // rest of your grid properties
}, "someNode");
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of course the attribute would accept column name and direction. for example: [{attribute: 'id DESC'}] –  ahmed Jan 10 at 0:24
For dGrid, that would be [{ attribute: "id", descending: true }]. If you omit descending : true, then it's assumed the sort is ascending. See dojofoundation.org/packages/dgrid/tutorials/grids_and_stores –  Philippe Jan 10 at 19:41
The only drawback of this is the arrow (up or down - depending on your descending value) isn't displayed. It's only displayed when the user actually clicks on the table header. –  maxxyme Jun 4 at 17:32

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