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I'm currently creating a custom Maven enforcer rule, and for its purpose, I need to know the URL of the SCM (Subversion, Git...) used for the given job, i.e. where the sources were just checkouted by the Jenkins job. Is there a way to get that information?

I had a look on the parameters set in system environment by Jenkins, but none of them give me the full SCM url used by the job. Also, the API (i.e. http://jenkins-server/job/my-job/api/xml) does not contain this information.

I know that there is a <scm><connection> tag in the pom.xml, but this information may not be reliable.


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These values are set by the SCM implementation. To find out which environment variables actually exist in your build, you can use the EnvInject plugin.

For Subversion, you can use the environment variable SVN_URL (if it's one URL only), or SVN_URL_n, n being a number (if it's multiple URLs) as described here.

You could also use the System Groovy build step in the Groovy plugin to access the Jenkins object tree directly and e.g. write this information to a file. Note that accessing internals in prone to breaking in updates, and prone to breaking Jenkins if you're not careful.

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