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This is what I currently have as my title in header.tpl in my WHMCS template:

<title>{$companyname} - {$pagetitle}{if $kbarticle.title} - {$kbarticle.title}{/if}</title>

However, I can't figure out how to make the title appear different when people are configuring a product. For example, if someone is at

Then I would want the title to show the name of the product they are configuring. So, instead of showing the above title, it should show "Level 1 Package" if that's the name of the product. I keep playing around with the title but nothing seems to be getting this right, any help would be appreciated.

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I found another way that worked for me.

You just have to add it to the language file.

I too want to change portal home so I added a custom name line in language file like so

Before: $breadcrumbnav = ''.$_LANG['globalsystemname'].'';

so i looked for globalsystemname in language file and sure enough in said this: $_LANG['globalsystemname'] = "Portal Home";


so I added a line like so: $_LANG['globalsystemnamehome'] = "Home";

and changed the line in the newpage.php like so: $breadcrumbnav = ''.$_LANG['globalsystemnamehome'].'';

now it says "Home" instead of "Portal Home"

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there are a variable called "groupname" in cart.php that refers to your product group, so you can just add this on your header.tpl

<title>{$companyname} - {if $groupname}{$groupname}{else}{$pagetitle}{/if}{if $kbarticle.title} - {$kbarticle.title}{/if}</title>

tested and worked for me

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