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I have a requirement in my ASP.net MVC 4 project to be able to call a web API controller from another controller or class elsewhere in the same project. The subroutine in the API controller has code which requires an httpcontext as it deals with MVCMailer.

I am aware of, and have successfully tested this simply by doing the following in a separate controller or class.

Dim api As New SomeAPIController
api.SomeAPISubroutine("A string parameter")

Now this works just fine, and I would expect that as httpcontext.current is inherited (so to speak) from the code that makes the call to the API controller.

If however, I want to fire and forget the above code so that the APIController subroutine runs separately to the calling code so the calling code can finish execution as early as possible. I would traditionally use a new thread to do this... in this case, QueueUserWorkItem.

Calling an API controller with QueueUserWorkItem in much the same way as above means that the API subroutine cannot use the existing httpcontext, which of course the API subroutine requires to run.

If a call to this API controller is made directly from web request then the controller has an httpcontext and all works well.


My question then, is how do I go about calling the API subroutine from my code so it runs as if it were a web request?

Context of code

If it helps explain the above and put things into context, the API subroutine kicks off a notification system, so I dont want the main code execution to have to wait for everything in the notification system to finish before it can continue, hence the fire and forget.

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why not make a separate thread, who creates a new instance of "httpWebRequest" to asynchronously send the data to your API Controller and wait for a response to terminate? –  Vogel612 Apr 30 '13 at 8:46
You could implement SomeAPISubroutine as a asynchronous task So Main code execution don't have to wait for everything in the notification system to finish. –  swapneel Apr 30 '13 at 9:21

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