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I have this method:

private IEnumerable<XElement> ReadTransactions(string file_name)
        using (var reader = XmlReader.Create(file_name + ".xml"))
            while (reader.ReadToFollowing("transaction", "urn:namepsaceUri"))
                using (var subtree = reader.ReadSubtree())
                    yield return XElement.Load(subtree);

This method reads from an xml file. However I don't need all of the nodes in the xml file at same time.

I want to get them ten at a time.

I tried working with XPathSelectElements, but that gets all the nodes, and then I need to iterate through them.

So, is there a way to get the nodes from the xml file which are 40-50? I want to modify ReadTransactions - to have another input parameter (40 in this case), and instead of all the elements, it will return just 10?

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What about Skip() and Take() extensions methods?

var items = ReadTransactions(file_name).Skip(40).Take(10);
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