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So I've got this barcode (which I will attach) and I don't know how to decode it, both zbar on my desktop and redlaser on my phone cannot read it. After a lot of googling, and reading on forums I can't find similar barcodes... Any suggestions?


Sorry I realised I needed a higher repuation to post an image, here is a dropbox link

After identifing the barcode, can anyone help with zbar decoding the barcode. I'd like do set this up so the software will decode similar barcodes...

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It is a Code 39 barcode with a 3 bar widths char gap, which reads '1004876532'. Almost any standard bar code reader should be able to read this type. This online bar code decoder was able to read a cleaned up version of the image you originally posted.

code 39 barcode with a 3 bar widths char gap

*the yellow arrows represent the 3 bar width character gaps.

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Thanks for the answer. – Adam Apr 30 '13 at 11:20

it seams to be Code_39 format, value: 1004876532

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