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In my backbone application the REsT service always returns JSON data, so should I always use this.collection.toJSON() or can I use this.collection directly after collection fetch to bind the data to the underscore template?

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It is better to pass Backbone's collection/model objects directly to underscore template, because its handy to add methods to models that output formatted values of the attributes. Check this example (assuming model has custom method getFormattedDate)

this.$el.html(this.template({collection: this.collection}))

<% collection.each(function (model) { %>
    <li><%= model.getFormattedDate() %> — <%= model.escape('title') %></li>
<% }); %>

But if you decide to pass JSON data directly, then you can't output formatted date:

this.$el.html(this.template({collection: this.collection.toJSON()}))

<% _.each(collection, function (model) { %>
    <li><%= model.date %> — <%- model.title %></li>
<% }); %>

UPD: I was wrong about escaping values in underscore templates, because you can use <%- content %> syntax to output escaped content. So the only benefit of passing models and collections directly to underscore template is ability to use custom getters of formatted data.

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Better to use getter setter. Like model.get('title'). It's best practice. –  umar Apr 30 '13 at 13:55
<%- model.get('title') %> - also prints escaped titile –  Vitaliy Petrychuk Apr 30 '13 at 19:31
@VitaliyPetrychuk cool, didn't know that. But still I think it's better to pass collections and models directly to template. –  Andrey Kuzmin Apr 30 '13 at 20:41

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