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I have two lists

first = ['-6.50', '-7.00', '-6.00', '-7.50', '-5.50', '-4.50', '-4.00', '-5.00'] 
second = ['-7.50', '-4.50', '-4.00']

I want to shorten first by every element that occur in second list.

for i in first:
    for j in second:
        if i == j:

Don't know why this did not remove the -4.00

['-6.50', '-7.00', '-6.00', '-5.50', '-4.00', '-5.00']

Any help appreciated :)

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A comparison of all the methods suggested in the answers below. codebunk.com/bunk#-ItP66mNZpNolwb3ZNX5 –  spicavigo Apr 30 '13 at 9:03
@spicavigo You'll need to run it on larger input to really see the difference. And move the setup lists out of the code too –  jamylak Apr 30 '13 at 9:26

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>>> first = ['-6.50', '-7.00', '-6.00', '-7.50', '-5.50', '-4.50', '-4.00', '-5.00']
>>> second = ['-7.50', '-4.50', '-4.00']
>>> set_second = set(second) # the set is for fast O(1) amortized lookup
>>> [x for x in first if x not in set_second]
['-6.50', '-7.00', '-6.00', '-5.50', '-5.00']
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Thank you, any idea my solution did not do it? –  nutship Apr 30 '13 at 8:50
@nutship you shouldn't remove elements from a list while iterating through it :p stackoverflow.com/questions/1207406/… –  Haidro Apr 30 '13 at 8:51
@nutship what Haidro said ;) –  jamylak Apr 30 '13 at 8:53

Don't modify sequences you are iterating through.

Shortest way to do this:

list(set(first) - set(second))
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If you don't care about order, use

list(set(temp1) - set(temp2))

References: Get difference between two lists

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Try this code, and you will see that the -4.00s don't come side by side.:

for i in first:
    for j in second:
        print i,j,
        if i == j:
            print 'removed'
  • You shouldn't modify sequences you are iterating over.

TO solve your problem, just create a copy of your lists, which can be done by adding [:]:

for i in first[:]:
    for j in second[:]:
        if i == j:

Another way to do this is:

[i for i in first if i not in second]
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l3 = [x for x in first if x not in second]
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