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I have two models A and B. Relationships are defined as mentioned below.

A hasOne B
B belongsTo A

Everything was working great till a few days back. In last couple of days something has changes and now when I do a find on A (with recursive set to 2), it returns the values of B but all values are returned as NULL including the ID of B.

A (id - 1220, other_fields)
B (id - 11, a_id - 1220, other_fields)

Resulting array looks like this.

  'A' => array(
    'id' => 1220,
    'field1' => 'dsdsa',
  'B' => array(
    'id' => null,
    'a_id' => null,

I have verified in database that row for B exists corresponding to A. I even tried executing the Host find query (copied from SQL debug dump) and it returns the results correctly so nothing wrong at database level. It's cake (or myself) which is messing up with the data.

It was all working fine but something has gone wrong and I am having hard time trying to figure out what.

Here is the query (replace Host with A and Service with B)

SELECT `Host`.`id`, `Host`.`user_id`, `Host`.`title`, `Host`.`featured`, `Host`.`slug`, `Host`.`profile_type`, `Host`.`social_security_number`, `Host`.`biz_id`, `Host`.`address`, `Host`.`lat`, `Host`.`lon`, `Host`.`description`, `Host`.`type`, `Host`.`size`, `Host`.`unavailability`, `Host`.`kids`, `Host`.`supervision`, `Host`.`emergency_transport`, `Host`.`experience`, `Host`.`first_aid`, `Host`.`oral_medication`, `Host`.`injected_medication`, `Host`.`payment_mode`, `Host`.`paypal_email`, `Host`.`name_on_check`, `Host`.`payment_address`, `Host`.`bank_name`, `Host`.`bank_account_number`, `Host`.`balance`, `Host`.`pending_balance`, `Host`.`approved`, `Host`.`created`, `Host`.`modified`, `Service`.`id`, `Service`.`host_id`, `Service`.`day_care`, `Service`.`day_care_price`, `Service`.`day_night_care`, `Service`.`day_night_care_price`, `Service`.`walking`, `Service`.`walking_price`, `Service`.`walking_max_distance`, `Service`.`checkup_visit`, `Service`.`checkup_visit_price`, `Service`.`checkup_visit_max_distance`, `Service`.`grooming`, `Service`.`grooming_price`, `Service`.`bathing`, `Service`.`bathing_price`, `Service`.`pickndrop`, `Service`.`pickndrop_price`, `Service`.`training`, `Service`.`training_price`, `Service`.`cancellation_policy`, `Service`.`accept_last_min_bookings`, `Service`.`created`, `Service`.`modified` FROM `hosts` AS `Host` LEFT JOIN `services` AS `Service` ON (`Service`.`host_id` = `Host`.`id`) WHERE `Host`.`id` = 2569 ORDER BY `Host`.`created` DESC LIMIT 1
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Did you change anything in the code? Or the database? –  LSA Apr 30 '13 at 9:48
Can you include the SQL query that CakePHP uses to retrieve the data? If you set debug to 2 (inside app/Config/core.php), the queries performed should be visible on your page. Just be sure to only add the relevant query(ies). You can append it to your question via the edit link –  thaJeztah Apr 30 '13 at 10:12
@LSA I wish I knew what I changed. –  Vikram Apr 30 '13 at 13:32
Do you have afterFind functions in your models? Maybe that changed... –  Nunser Apr 30 '13 at 13:32
Post the find function and the relationqship, we may find something –  LSA Apr 30 '13 at 14:30

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